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To begin fabricating your Node.js applications, the initial step is the

establishment of the node.js structure. The Node.js structure is

accessible for an assortment of working frameworks directly from Windows to

Ubuntu and OS X. When the Node.js structure is introduced you can begin

building your first Node.js applications.

Node.js additionally can implanted outer usefulness

or on the other hand expanded usefulness by utilizing custom modules. These modules

must be introduced independently. A case of a module is the MongoDB module which permits you to work with MongoDB databases from your Node.js application.

In this instructional exercise, you will learn-

The most effective method to introduce Node.js on Windows

The initial phases in utilizing Node.js is the establishment of the Node.js

libraries on the customer framework. To play out the establishment of Node.js,

play out the underneath steps;

Stage 1) Go to the webpage download the important paired documents. In our model, we are heading off to the download the 32-piece arrangement documents for Node.js.

Stage 2) Double snap on the downloaded .msi record

to begin the establishment. Snap the Run button in the main screen to

start the establishment.

Stage 3) In the following screen, click the “Following” catch to proceed with the establishment

Stage 4) In the following screen Accept the permit understanding and snap on the Next catch.

Stage 5) In the following screen, pick the area where Node.js should be introduced and afterward click on the Next catch.

1.First enter the document area for the establishment of Node.js.

This is the place the documents for Node.js will be put away after the


2.Click on the Next catch to continue ahead with the establishment.

Stage 6) Accept the default parts and snap on the following catch.

Step 7)In the following screen, click the Install catch to begin the establishment.

Stage 8) Click the Finish catch to finish the establishment.

Introducing NPM (Node Package Manager) on Windows

The other method to introduce Node.js on any customer machine is to utilize a “bundle supervisor”.

On windows, the hub bundle chief is known as Chocolatey. It

was intended to be a decentralized structure for rapidly introducing

applications and instruments that you need.

To introduce Node.js by means of Chocolatey, the accompanying advances should be performed.

Stage 1) Installing Chocolatey – The Chocolatey site ( has extremely clear directions on how this structure should be introduced.

The initial steps is to run the underneath order in the order

brief windows. This order is taken from the Chocolatey site and

is the standard order for introducing Node.js through Chocolatey.


beneath order is a PowerShell order which calls the far off PowerShell

content on the Chocolatey site. This order should be run in a

PowerShell order window.

This PowerShell content does all the important work of downloading the necessary segments and introducing them in like manner.

@powershell – NoProfile – ExecutionPolicy Bypass – Command “iex




Stage 2) The following stage is to introduce Node.js to

your nearby machine utilizing the Chocolatey, bundle administrator. This can be

done by running the underneath order in the order brief.

cinst nodejs introduce

In the event that the establishment is fruitful, you will get the message of the effective establishment of Node.js.

Note:If you get a blunder like


At that point physically make the organizer in the way

Running your first Hello world application in Node.js

When you have downloaded and introduced Node.js on your PC, lets attempt to show “Hi World” in an internet browser.

Make record Node.js with document name firstprogram.js

var http = require(‘http’);

http.createServer(function (req, res) {

res.writeHead(200, {‘Content-Type’: ‘text/html’});

res.end(‘Hello World!’);


Code Explanation:

The fundamental usefulness of the “require” work is that it peruses a JavaScript record,

executes the record, and afterward continues to restore an article. Utilizing this

object, one would then be able to utilize the different functionalities accessible in the

module called by the require work. So for our situation, since we need to

utilize the usefulness of http and we are utilizing the require(http)


In this second line of code, we are making a worker

application which depends on a basic capacity. This capacity is

called, at whatever point a solicitation is made to our worker application.

At the point when a solicitation is gotten, we are requesting that our capacity return a

“Hi World” reaction to the customer. The writeHead work is utilized to

send header information to the customer and keeping in mind that the end capacity will close

the association with the customer.

We are then utilizing the server.listen capacity to make our worker

application tune in to customer demands on port no 8080. You can indicate

any accessible port here.

Executing the code

Spare the record on your PC: C:UsersYour Name firstprogram.js

In the order brief, explore to the envelope where the record is put away. Enter the order Node firstprogram.js

Presently, your PC fills in as a worker! In the event that anybody attempts to

get to your PC on port 8080, they will get a “Welcome World!”

message consequently!

Start your web program, and type in the location: http://localhost:8080


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