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Text informing is an inexorably indispensable piece of business correspondence. Nonetheless, you can’t oversee messages from your cell phone viably. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to send text from PC to telephone.

This has numerous expected uses for organizations, from improving the speed and unwavering quality of your content reactions to making SMS advertising efforts and offering robotized client assistance.

There is a wide scope of approaches to utilize text informing in your business, so it is imperative to locate the correct technique for your requirements:

3 Ways to Send a Text From Computer to Phone

1. Email to SMS

Some specialist co-ops offer an email to SMS administration in their call plans.

This lets their clients send messages by messaging a versatile number followed by the specialist organization’s email space. In the event that a beneficiary answers to a book sent thusly, you will get it as an email.

Be that as it may, this strategy has a few disadvantages. It just works for some specialist co-ops and can be an issue to use for mass informing. This is on the grounds that you have to physically enter the numbers and query specialist organizations. Thus, it is anything but difficult to commit information section errors when messaging gatherings.

2. Messaging by means of Messaging App

Macintosh and Android gadgets both empower messaging by means of their texting applications on your PC.

iMessage for iPhone clients and Messages for Web and Android clients let you get to your inbox and send messages through the informing application. Despite the fact that, this isn’t secured by every portable arrangement and possibly works when your writings sync with the cloud.

3. SMS Marketing App

A SMS showcasing application, for example, TextMagic permits you to plan messages to enormous gatherings, track their reactions, and set up robotized answers. Other than direct discussion with clients, this empowers a wide scope of business correspondences.

Advantages of Sending Text from Computer to Phone

Client care

Dealing with your writings through a PC application makes it a lot simpler to monitor client contacts and handle tickets as a group.

Attempting to oversee heaps of client contacts through close to home telephones and inboxes can cause dropped discussions, more slow reaction times, and different issues.

By planning follow up messages and computerizing answers, you can give client care by means of text in any event, when your group is disconnected.

Advertising Campaigns

Utilizing an application to send text from PC to telephone makes it conceivable to make SMS promoting efforts to send to a wide crowd. SMS promoting has the most elevated reaction pace of any computerized informing, making this a profoundly financially savvy approach to support deals.

In light of this high reaction rate, text is likewise an extraordinary method to get input quick. Utilizing a SMS promoting application lets you robotize input demands and studies after client connections and effectively track the outcomes.

Earnest Communication

The normal content is opened in under 3 minutes and can show up without the beneficiary requiring an Internet association. This makes them an imperative instrument for sending pressing alarms, for example, a minute ago changes or crisis data.

The quick reaction time can likewise accelerate your activities by getting quicker reactions and endorsements from customers, decreasing personal time, and improving their consumer loyalty.

Sending Text from Computer to Phone Using TextMagic

1. Utilizing the web application or downloading it

You may sign into the TextMagic web application, skirting the need to download and introduce the product.

Nonetheless, in the event that you wish, you can likewise download the TextMagic work area application for PC or Mac and pursue the installer it has downloaded. Once the application has introduced, the login screen will show up, and you can enter your username and secret key.

2. Forming a book and picking beneficiaries

Snap Compose in the left-hand segment. Here you can compose your content, join records, select a sender ID, and pick your beneficiaries.

Contact numbers can be entered physically and isolated by commas for different beneficiaries. You can likewise click Contacts to choose singular numbers from your contact rundown or snap List to add whole mailing records to the message.

3. Checking your inbox and sent messages

Snap Chat in the left-hand segment. You will see tabs for Received SMS, Sent SMS, and Forwarded Calls.

Messages can be arranged by conveyance status and date to assist you with spotting clients that are sitting tight for a reaction or haven’t answered to you yet. You can likewise download your writings from this screen, which can empower further following and examination of client messages.

4. Bringing in mailing records

Snap Contacts in the left-hand section, at that point the New Contact button. Pick the Import Multiple Contacts alternative.

You can import your current contact list from an Excel or CSV document, or glue the numbers in physically. To transfer a mailing list click, Choose File and peruse to the right document on your PC, at that point click Continue.

On the subsequent stage, you should choose the nation your numbers are from or select the choice indicating your numbers are from different nations. On the off chance that your mailing list incorporates numerous nations, ensure the document you transfer incorporates the nation code in each number. At that point click Choose List to add the numbers to a current mailing list, or make another one.

The following page will show you a review of the imported rundown.

Ensure every one of the segments is accurately distinguished, at that point click proceed and the bringing in will start. For considerable records with a ton of custom fields, this could pause for a moment.

When complete, you can see the imported numbers, consequently avoid copy contacts and check any contacts that neglected to import. You can physically enter subtleties in the Failed tab to address the contacts.

5. Making and utilizing layouts

At the point when you import your contacts from a document, any custom fields joined to those numbers will be included as mail combine labels, and you can likewise physically add custom fields and labels to contacts or records.

To do this, click Contacts in the left-hand segment and go to the Custom Fields tab. This is additionally where you make your mail combine formats for every custom field.

Mail consolidate layouts empower you to send mass writings utilizing customized data, for example, your clients’ names. To utilize a mail combine tag, select Insert Tag when creating a message.


Sending a book from PC to telephone is simpler than you might suspect, and organizations can profit by doing this from multiple points of view.

Other than improving client care speed and accessibility, it can likewise improve your inner correspondences and customer conversations.

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